Frequently Asked Questions

Our process is straightforward but you still might have some questions. If you don’t see an answer to your questions below, feel free to contact us and we will try to get an asnwer to you as quckly as we can

What if I do not like the logo concept that is delivered?

Our designers have created thousands of automotive logos and stay focused on the most common styles in this industry. So, you are more likely to receive an automotive logo that "looks right" to you. However, if you are not satisfied with the logo concept/s delivered to you, you can cancel the order and receive a refund with no further obligation.

What does your refund process work ?

It is very simple, just let the designer sending the files know that you are not happy with the logo concept/s and that you would like a refund. Or, send an email requesting a refund to [email protected]. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

Will my logo be 100% original? does not claim or warrant that the logos designed are 100% unique. uses royalty free and / or licensed fonts, stock vector resources, etc. available from commercial stock graphics firms open to other vendors as well as to the public. Although we utilize a vast range of automotive specific logo assets, many of these assets such as car shapes, tachometers, gears, and fonts, etc. are utilized repeatedly. Buyers should expect that their logos might look look similar to other automotive businesses.

Because provides logos exclusively to automotive companies, we are more likely to create logos that meet the expectations of the majority of our customers at a below market price. That said, some buyers might be looking for 100% unique designs that do not utilize any stock artwork or common fonts. It is recommended that buyers in those cases work with vendors other than

I have a logo that we are currently using but it needs to be updated.

No problem, we are glad to recreate existing logos, update them, add elements, etc. Our design brief will give you an opportunity to upload your existing logo. Our designers can then work with you to turn your design into a logo for you business that you are happy with.

I just need a logo for my website. Will the logo be "web ready" for uploading?

Absolutely, we make sure every logo includes web ready (PNG) versions of your logo with transparent backgrounds and a color scheme for both light and dark backgrounds. Many of our customers purchase logos primarily for their website, so these logo dimensions are between 600 pixels to 800 pixels, ideal for most website vendors. We also provide vector files for print and offer lifetime color changes, resizing, etc.

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