Automate Vehicle Posting to Facebook Marketplace!

  • Easy to use Chrome extension

  • Import vehicle inventory from your DMS

  • List vehicle data and photos with one click

  • Month to month with no contract

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Save time and money!

Since Facebook Maketplace stopped allowing dealerships to post vehicles from a partner inventory feed or from a business page, proactive car sales pros can take advantage. Simply post your dealership inventory directly to Marketplace from your personal Facebook page! Of course, doing that manually can be a headache. But Car Lister Pro's listing automation makes posting all of the inventory you represent a snap!

How does it work?

Step 1

Just click the Get Started link at the top of the page and fill out the short form. We will need to know your contact info, the dealership you own or work for, and your DMS provider or other inventory source. Then, add a credit card and submit the form.

Step 2

The subscription will not start until we are receiving an inventory file from your DMS or other inventory provider. Once we are receiving inventory, we will then email you a link to download and install the Chrome extension, as well as an "API key or keys".

Step 3

We will then send you a couple of very short "how to" videos on installing the Chrome extension, adding the API keys, and posting vehicles. We will also start the monthly subscription at this time. And that's it - happy listing!

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